It’ about 100 km from Poznań to Gołuchów, a stone’s throw away one might say.
We arrive and stop near a beautifully located castle. The structure strikes us as impressive even from a distance, and this is only the beginning of our Sunday adventure…

A straight passage leads us to the castle. We are accompanied on our family outing by twins, Ola and Weronika. At the sight of the renaissance building, the girls’ eyes almost pop out, because in a moment one of their biggest dreams will come true: they will visit a genuine, fairy-tale castle. This is the impression one gets when they pay a visit to the Gołuchów castle. The castle’s origins date back to the 16th century and its present form and interior decorations are from the 19th century.

Feeling like an aristocrat
There’s a group of people gathered at a small square close to the gate. They’re waiting for a guided tour of the castle. The cost of such a tour for a family of four is around 50 PLN. At a full hour our guide arrives, a dignified gentleman with a slightly silverish crop of hair. Straightaway after crossing the gate we are thoughroughly informed about the tumultuous history of the castle, its establishers and owners. After an informative and yet concise introduction we move on to visit particular castle chambers. The girls stare at rich ornaments and paintings which can be admired in every room. We are also impressed by the number of artifacts on display, despite the fact it’s not the first castle we had a chance to see. Genuine furniture, reclaimed after the Second World War, books, paintings and the interior itself, allow us to get the feeling what it was like to be a nineteenth century aristocrat. Each room has its own history, but for us the most beautiful place is the room in which official dinners and balls took place. With the help of my imagination I can see us dressed up to the nines, dancing the English Waltz on the shiny dancefloor among equally as elegant looking guests. Suddenly I feel someone pulling my leg:
– Uncle, I feel like a princess! Will you be my prince?
– Of course – I answer without hesitation.

A meeting with the king
Speaking about the English Waltz, it’s worth mentioning that the castle is encircled by an English landscape park with an arboretum. It’s a real treat for garden lovers and a unique place to go for a walk. We also stroll along the winding park alleys. From May to September it is an ideal place to spend time outdoors. Especially when after about twenty minutes we reach an enclosure with real-life European bisons! We’ve seen the castle and now we’ve seen the king. In Poland, the European bison, also known as the wisent, is thought of as the king of primeval forest. This is because in one of the largest primeval forests in Poland, the Białowieża Forest, there is the largest European bison population in the world. The huge, majestic creatures are impressive. Apart from the bisons, you can also admire wild bores, Polish primitive horses (the Polish Koniks), and fallow deer.
It’s not the end of all the attractions yet. In the vicinity of the castle there is the Forestry Museum with a wide natural science exhibition as well as machines and forestry equipment on display.

Sightseeing for foreigners
For those who want to visit the castle, but whose command of Polish is not fluent, the museum has prepared tours in English. Remember to call earlier and make sure if sightseeing in English is available on a given day. I wholeheartedly recommend visiting the Gołuchów castle. It’s really worth it!
Marcin Wojciechowski