Jarosław Ignasiak, owner of the IgnasiakSport Complex talks about the functional concept of the modern recreation and conference facility, attractions which await its guests and involvement in even the most minor details in an interview with Marzena Zbierska.

The first part of the name IgnasiakSport features your last name, the second clearly profiles the activity type. I assume that if an entrepreneur decides to brand a business with their name, they absolutely focus on the values which are close to them and high quality, because the brand’s reputation is particularly important here.
That’s correct. Since the beginning of the company’s activity I have strongly identified with the IgnasiakSport brand and have been involved in its development. We are a family company, therefore it constitutes a significant part of our lives. I focus on high quality and professionalism in everything we do. In life, just as in business. IgnasiakSport is a carefully thought out concept of modern entertainment. Starting with the location – far from the bustle of the city, surrounded by nature – through infrastructure, experienced employees, to the smallest detail of our offer.

What is hiding behind the second part of the name? Is sport still the primary area of the company’s activity?
Sport is the foundation of our company, but it’s definitely only one of the pillars on which IgnasiakSport stands. Today we are developing further service segments, but we continue to invest in sports infrastructure. We have all-year tennis courts, squash courts, indoor football field, equipment rental and comfortable changing rooms and showers. In addition, on the outside (in the summer season offer) there are volleyball, football, beach ball and tennis courts. At IgnasiakSport we also have a tennis school for children and hold tennis tournaments. We want to give our guests a multitude of options to spend their free time all in one place, and sporting activity is only one of those options.

What else does IgnasiakSport offer?
Healthy relaxation. The salt chamber and sauna are an ideal complement to an offer prepared for sports enthusiasts and others. It can be utilized by anyone who cares about facilitating their health and good condition. Children and seniors are also welcome, especially in spring and autumn-winter periods, when support for our bodies is particularly needed. Near the courts is the IgnasiakSport PUB – open daily, which serves warm meals, snacks and beverages. It is an ideal place for social gatherings.

What is the secret to the modernity of IgnasiakSport?
We focus on technology. All our facilities feature a ventilation system which ensures a comfortable stay – this includes air conditioning and heating. We also have at our disposal an electrical power generator, which is why we don’t have to worry about power shortages during important events. This is especially important in case of the “Olimpia” Banquet Hall, which has been part of the Complex for over a year. Weddings, family celebrations, conferences – our guests can be sure that the event will take place, even if a hurricane rages around.

The Olimpia Banquet Hall is the most recent investment at IgnasiakSport. It features a restaurant whose motto is: beauty enchanted in flavor. What lies behind that motto?
Olimpia was created as a response to market demand. It’s an ideal location for events, as well as family and business meetings. Its modern design is combined with a traditional, farm-like architecture. As a result, we have managed to create a place with soul, which is simultaneously modern and comfortable. At Olimpia we serve exquisite cuisine, and our guests are serviced by professional cooks and waiters. Our dishes are not only delicious, but also properly served.

Obviously, an ideal meal is a combination of taste and appearance. You’ve mentioned that you are personally involved in many details… Do you often look cooks over the shoulder?
I try not to do that too often, because every visit to the kitchen is tempting… The menu at Olimpia changes regularly, which is why cooks need to be creative. Many items on our menu are their original ideas. Of course I succumb to temptation and sample the dishes, but I don’t impose anything. I often leave the table with a thought: “that was really tasty”, and I know that the cooks at Olimpia will satisfy all culinary tastes.

Usually, children are the greatest challenge for a cook. Sunday dinners at Olimpia are also an offer for entire families, so the menu has to reflect that.
For our youngest guests we have special positions in the menu, Children will also find something to suit their tastes and will certainly not leave hungry. What’s more, there is also a playground near the restaurant, so dinner will not be their only attraction of the day.

The Olimpia also offers two hotel rooms at the guests’ disposal. This is certainly a good offer for participants of family events, but also of training courses and conferences. What does IgnasiakSport offer its business clients?
Our offer for businesses provides us with many organizational possibilities. Our guests have at their disposal conference halls, a banquet hall and an outdoor tent. For the purposes of the official part – training, conference, presentation, etc. – we have prepared the necessary technical infrastructure. The unofficial part, which is usually an element of company events, can be arranged within the sports facilities, by the grill or at the Olimpia restaurant. We are open to ideas and will be happy to arrange practically all forms of activities: from dance parties and concerts, to indoor and outdoor sports activities.

Are you planning further investments on the Complex premises?
I don’t want to reveal details just yet, but I can confirm that we have started work on a new project. It will be the final stage of the brand’s transformation. I am very excited and encourage everyone to follow our social media. See you at IgnasiakSport!


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