A foreign language and customs, new city, home and school… All this makes changing one’s place of residence for the duration of a contract in Poland potentially terrifying. This is why it is worthwhile to use the help of specialized relocation service providers. One of the most experienced and recommended companies on the Polish market is Express Relocations, which offers comprehensive relocation services for foreigners and their families, and provides businesses with consulting and support in handling formalities

Our long-term experience, knowledge of the needs of foreigners and professional team which on an ongoing basis adapts to the dynamically changing mobility market are the greatest advantages of Express Reolocations. The company offers assistance in terms of handling formalities associated with legalizing the stay and employment of foreigners in Poland. Our immigration offer also includes the acquisition of tourist or business visas, as well as vehicle registration. Comprehensive relocation handling also encompasses services related to apartment lease and assistance in finding the right school or kindergarten for children. And, if the family decides to arrive without furniture or is awaiting its transport, they can rely on rental of even the most minor of household appliances.

Comprehensive services for foreigners
– The most important factors are the individual and their expectations. Everyone has the right to feel disoriented after moving to a different country. Multiple times now we have offered our customers support in times of crisis, when they needed not only handling of formalities in offices, but most of all when they rely on interpersonal relations, empathy and understanding – explains Małgorzata Jezierska, General Director of Express Relocations. – During several days spent with a foreigner and their family we are able to make it so their move to Poland is no longeer a source of stress and uncertainty. Foreigners to whom we provide our services are able to shed their concerns and perceive the joy of discovering new places and cultures.
As part of our full offer, Express Relocations organizes an orientation trip which allows foreigners to get their bearings in terms of the most important locations in the city. Express Relocations consultants present properties for lease in the given region, an offer of schools, kindergartens, extracurricular activities for children, as well as products available in Polish supermarkets.
– We always adapt the offer to the needs of the given customer – adds Małgorzata Jezierska. – In the case of properties, we negotiate the lease terms, apartment furnishing, simplify many time-consuming and troublesome procedures. We offer practically every aid depending on one’s needs, e.g. in finding the right medical facility, veterinary clinic or stable offering horse riding.
Express Relocations also offers assistance in opening a bank account, training courses in cultural differences, contact with a consultant as part of a help line, as well as an outbound travel package, which encompasses termination of agreements and mail redirection

Professionalism and good communication
Express Relocations has been operating on the Polish market for 18 years and is the precursor of relocation services in Poland, with a continuously growing number of satisfied customers. The company has branches in all the main Polish cities. Express Relocations (Poznań office) is a partner to many renowned companies.
– We’ve been cooperating with Express Relocations for three years. The company has helped us to relocate over 300 seconded employees, matching the needs and expectations of Volkswagen Poznań – evaluate the Global Assignments Team of Volkswagen Poznań.
It has provided support in the relocation process to, among others, employees of Amazon in Poznań and Szczecin:
– Express Relocations was the partner of choice when i moved to the city of Szczecin in Summer 2017 – says Oliver Kraftsik, General Manager at Amazon Fulfillment Poland. – Since I moved five Times in the last five years, I consider myself experienced when it comes to relocation services. The support provided by Express Relocations was Very much above my expectations. The Commitments and the ownership demonstrated was exceptional. I remember the house hunting trip for which the Branch Manager prepared literally everything from a city map with markings where we will go up to a measure tape that allowed me to check if my items will actually fit in the rooms. The communication was always clear and flawless. Responses were sent quickly. From all relocation services, Express Relocations was the best experience by far.

Support for HR departments
– Relocation of an employee with a family may be very time consuming and financially cumbersome for the employer. An unsuccessful relocation process may constitute a huge cost for the company employing a foreigner. The relocation services which we provide are intended to make the burden easier on companies bringing in foreigners to Poland and simultaneously to help the given employee and their family become quickly acclimated to the new country and be happy with the conditions of their stay – notes Małgorzata Jezierska.
For that reason Express Relocations takes over the tasks of HR departments associated with employee relocation and solves the day to day problems faced by foreigners.
– We advise companies in terms of relocation policy, clarify the legal complexities and recommend optimal solutions – adds Małgorzata Jezierska. – We send out newsletters and creatively approach potential problems, in order to eliminate them before they even occur. As a result, the HR department is able to focus specifically on its own objectives.
Catering to the expectations o the market, Express Relocations has just launched an innovative Internet platform for HR departments of companies which hire junior and senior employees, where foreigners will be able to individually, step by step, go through all procedures associated with registering their stay in Poland, which will minimize costs incurred by the employer. Information regarding the case status will be sent to the HR department, which will simplify control of the entire process. The Internet platform will be a solution for companies which have smaller budgets for relocation assistance for foreigners at their disposal, but wish to gain an edge in the competitive job market through offering support for employees from outside of Poland.

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