The fashion shows during the eleventh edition of Stary Browar Club is one of the most important fashion events in Poznań this year. More than 50 premium brands present in Stary Browar showed their collections. What do designers offer for the upcoming spring-summer season?

XXL Sleeves
Any kinds of creases and flounces are hot right now as long as the outfit is made from a light and delicate fabric. Puff or flared sleeves can transform even a simple styling, giving it an original character. A fitted pencil skirt works as the complementation of this outfit. This is a proposition for ladies who want to show their legs and regardless of the occasion, don’t shy away from high heels. However, such skirts fit also the modern style and they can be worn with t-shirts, checkered shirts, geometric patterns, or transparent clothing items.

Laces in every way
A laced, flounced skirt in pastel colours or a fitted dress in an expressive colour are propositions for all ladies. Laces work well both in the case of casual outfits and these for special occasions. What is important is balance – one shouldn’t exaggerate with lace, as it can induce the reverse effect. Still, if it is well exposed, it can highlight femininity and a romantic character. Avoiding such possibility would be a shame

Exotic inspiration
An outfit reminding of a safari trip, a dress in the colour of an orchid or in a truly Indian style? Why not. Not only do designers surprise with patterns relating to traditional outfits from around the world, but also with accessories: a scarf, jewellery, a hat, a bag and shoes are not chosen by chance. Fringes, decorated belts and bracelets looking like souvenirs from exotic countries dominate these outfits.

Flowers like fire
Distinctive flower elements are another strong trend this season. Not only can they be seen on one of the elements of an outfit, but also they are a must on long dresses, which should almost emanate with flowers. It is perfectly fine for a spring and summer styling!

Colour adds expression
Stylings for men broke with uniform colouring already a long time ago. It is worth choosing contrasts, even if these are not distinctive combinations. The shades of blue, grey, or even red, maroon and pink are currently dominating in male fashion for special occasions. Casual and less formal stylings use brown colour, especially its warm shades.

Katarzyna Sokołowska was the fashion show director, while Maria Szaj, the director of fashion section in Twój Styl magazine was responsible for stylings.

Text and photo Marzena Zbierska