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Regional flavors still have their allure

Everyone who is interested in Poznań and its culinary traditions has heard about the croissants with white poppy seeds baked for Saint Martin’s day. However, there was once another custom associated with the figure of St. Martin – on his name day people would throw huge festivities and enjoy new wines from Poznań’s vineyards. Winemaking traditions in Poznań date back to the middle ages. Today, the croissants are baked by probably all confectioneries in the region, but what about wine? It’s still there! You can read about the flavor qualities of the currently produced wine originating in Poznań in the article on the Sama Valley vineyard. Apart from that, on the pages of my city you will also find articles on the growing popularity of lacrosse, the sporting offer for autumn and winter afternoons and the benefits of aromatherapy.

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How to bake Saint Martin’s croissants? Ask at the museum!

Poznan Croissant Museum is the best place to discover the secrets of St Martin’s baking. A substantial dosage of the city’s history presented using the Poznań dialect is only the beginning of the attractions.

Fot. Rogalowe Muzeum Poznania

I am a speedway rider by choice

What does a speedway rider think of when standing at the gate? How does he deal with stress? Adrian Gała, speedway rider and one of the youngest competitors of Car Gwarant Start Gniezno talks about preparations for competitions, working at the workshop and curiosities of Swedish nature.

They catch balls instead of butterflies. Agnieszka Kosmala talks about lacrosse

Lacrosse is a discipline that originated in Indian traditions and until today, it is the most common in North America. It is only getting more popular in Poland and the oldest Polish lacrosse club has been operating in Poznań for 11 years.

Fot. Marek Stor shutterlax.com

The gloomy Szamotuły Castle Legend

We pay a visit to Szamotuły on a Sunday morning. We have no prior knowledge about this town’s sights, but that’s the whole point of this trip. Without Internet connection in our phones or any guidebooks…

Fot. Zamek Górków w Szamotułach

Sama Valley Vineyard. The winemaking traditions of Poznań are reborn in Jankowice

A clear and fruity bouquet is the most distinctive characteristic of wines from the Sama Valley. The Vineyard in Jankowice near Poznań owes its uniqueness to its location.

Fot. Piotr Piosik