He started his adventure with running spontaneously, but he persistently covers longer and longer distances. Marcin Długosz, an inhabitant of Września and a member of Night Runners, talks about his sport passion, records and lifestyle in the conversation with Jacek Zieliński

Your running history is not long, but quite intensive. What made you start running regularly?
I got engrossed in running quite spontaneously, without any specific plan. Having finished one run, I came up with an idea for another. Regular trainings started in February 2014, when a team Night Runners was created in Września. My aim at that time was to prepare for a run that was scheduled in Września at the end of April. Initially, we had trainings on Thursdays and then also on Mondays. Later, I participated in runs in Nekla and Pyzdry and that was the beginning of the adventure.

How did you create a running team Night Runners in Września?
I was watching a programme on the morning TV in which Tomek Makowski from Poznań was talking about the origins of Night Runners and I came up with the idea of creating a similar group in Września. I posted the information on Facebook and about 20 people turned up at the very first meeting. The idea was catchy.

Running in the evenings is a very original idea. However, I suppose that running at this time, after work, makes dealing with both sport and daily duties easier. Throughout the day it is more difficult. Am I right?
Yes, it is easier to find free time in the evenings. Yet, running is my passion and that is why I organize my activities in such a way that I can always find time for it. The time of the day is an individual matter and depends on a good organization.

Let’s cme back to your running career…Your results in the first official competitions were not really great.
That’s right. I took part in a competition for the first time in 2013, in ‘Kosynierzy’ Run. My brother encouraged me to do it, but I practically didn’t prepare for it. I remember that the result wasn’t good. Achievements grew in time.

Covering longer and longer distances is a great challenge and a goal for numerous runners. What makes you push your limits?
Sport is always linked with the willingness for self-development and setting further goals. After 3-4 months of regular trainings, I decided not to cover distances longer than 10 km. However, appetite comes with eating and I registered for the half-marathon in Gniezno, and then, the marathon in Poznań. For the time being, I have stopped at this level and I am not planning to cover longer distances. I am concentrated on improving my results.

At the level you are currently at, it is more and more difficult to break one’s own life records. How to find motivation for another training?
That’s right – breaking my life records is becoming more difficult. It is necessary to train, concentrate on work, keep doing the job and wait patiently for the effects. For now, I don’t lack motivation and a lot of elements require improvement.

What is your goal?
My goal is to overcome further limits as long as it is possible. While running, everyone has a goal and a limit to overcome. This year, I will try to break the limit of 2:45 during a marathon.

You have only a few years of experience in running, but you manage to improve your results, and, what is the most important, avoid serious injuries. Is there any recipe for reasonable running?
This is largely due to my coach, Roman Borkiewicz. Thanks to him and his training schedules, I avoid injuries. Is there any recipe? Apart from the very running, both the agility training and supplementation are crucial. Of course, one should remember that the number of competitions shouldn’t be exaggerated and the load should be increased gradually, very slowly. I train 6 days a week, every time for about 2 hours. As I have already mentioned, apart from the very running, the agility training is also mandatory. In winter, I spend a lot of time on indoor trainings.

What is your greatest success in running?
For me, success means progress in trainings and gaining better results at the finish line. It is due to cooperation with a coach, who prepares both training and competition schedules. However, that’s not all. Being a part of runners’ community is my success as well. I meet great people and I think that it is even more important than the result at the finish line.

Is running an expensive sport? Let’s tell all beginners, how to start an adventure with running.
One doesn’t need much money to train running. In fact, only good shoes are necessary. If the number of competitions is not exaggerated, it can surely be said that running is a really cheap sport. How to start? The most difficult is doing the very first step. I recommend running in a team and I invite everyone to join Night Runners on Mondays and Thursdays on the Lipówka Reservoir in Września. Running in a team is very motivating and thanks to it, it is easier to overcome one’s own weaknesses.

Marcin Długosz – life records:
5 km – 17:14 (City Trail Poznań 2017)
10 km – 35:49 (‘Kosynierzy’ Run Września 2017)
Half-marathon – 1:19:31 (‘Szpot’ Half-marathon Swarzędz 2017)
Marathon – 2:54:49 (Poznań Marathon 2016)

Night Runners – a running team created by Tomasz Makowski in Poznań. Its members run at night – mainly in the evening, after sunset – and they wear bright t-shirts. Night Runners is still developing and new teams under its aegis are being created in the whole Poland, including Września.