The inhabitants of Września run early in the morning, during the day, or even at night. Runners can be seen everywhere. The view of moving figures and dynamic activity resembles American films in which jogging was the synonym for a healthy lifestyle. Yet, it is Września – a running Polish city, and not a picture at the cinema


Do the inhabitants of Września run, do sport and exercises only because it is trendy or has it resulted from something more? Has their passion for running resulted from local identity? Września has the long-standing tradition of running that is continued nowadays by the next generations, so this sport is a part of both the history of the city and the lifestyle of numerous of its inhabitants.


The Września region has been a very important place on the runners’ map in Poland for over 30 years. It is here where the oldest street runs in our country take place. We have both a long-standing tradition and considerable experience in organizing runs and amazing runners, including Olympians from Mexico and Beijing. Each municipality in Września County organizes its own run. Września has organized the “Scythe-bearers’ Run” for 34 years now (in the past in cooperation with Miłosław). (Translator’s note: the name of the run is related to the name of the Runner’s Club “Kosynier Września”  – “scythe-bearers” is an English equivalent of the Polish word “kosynierzy”, which is a plural form of “kosynier”. “Kosynierzy” is the term for soldiers using war scythes in fights in the past). The “Scythe-bearers’ run” takes place on the last Sunday in April every year along the city streets, on a certified route, one of the fastest in Greater Poland. Hundreds of runners begin the season with this particular event.

The Polish National “Kazimierz” Run in Pyzdry and the “Run for Golden Ear” in Kołaczkowo have an even longer tradition, as this year they are organized for the thirty-sixth time. Moreover, Nekla organizes the “Run to Summer” for the fourth time, while Miłosław invites to the second run “Miłosław Runs”. Motivation for common running is so high that the Street Runs for 10 km Grand Prix of the municipalities in Września County has been organized. This year, in the second edition, each municipality is involved in the competition. Common medals, classifications in all running categories and good fun make this cycle very attractive to runners, who also integrate thanks to it.

Upcoming runs in the cycle of the Grand Prix:

2nd July 2017 (Sunday) – IV “Run to Summer” (Nekla)

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9th July 2017 (Sunday) – XXXVI “Run for Golden Ear” (Kołaczkowo)

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27th August 2017 (Sunday) – XXXVI Polish National “Kazimierz” Run (Pyzdry)

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9th September 2017 (Saturday) – II Run “Miłosław Runs” (Miłosław)

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Each municipal town has its own runner’s club and it is unique on the national scale. In Września, a few amateur runner’s societies are active, namely the Runner’s Club “Kosynier Września”, Night Runner Września, and “Pomagam Aktywnie” (“I help actively”) Association. For the inhabitants of Września, running is not only a way to maintain health and keep fit, but also to engage in charity activity. During running events, money collections for laudable goals are frequently organized. Thanks to it, local running is not only a trend, or an attraction for the very participants and supporters, but it also becomes a way to both integrate various associations and help those in need.


The offer of running events in our county is so diverse and interesting that everyone can train and have fun throughout the whole season without any problems.

  • Already in January, the Runner’s Club “Kosynier Września” organizes in Września a 24-hour relay for “light to heaven” as a part of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The relay consists in common running for 24 hours and it is the only event of this type in Poland. It attracts up to 800 participants, including the whole families, who come from the whole Greater Poland, regardless of the time of day or night.
  • This year in winter, a halfmarathon on a very challenging route in the forest in Nekielka was organized and it will surely be included in the calendar of events. We hope that Active Nekla will organize the next edition of this event.
  • For 4 years Active Nekla has organized in Nekielka a run for children “Olęderska Mila” (“The Olęder Mile”). This year it is taking place in autumn (it used to be organized twice a year). Over 120 children are taking part in it.
  • Active Nekla organizes also a run on the motocross track in Opatówko. It is great competition and extremely demanding run for these participants who are not accustomed to such difficult terrain. There is no space for rest around the corner and supporters can observe struggles all the time.
  • In summer, the already mentioned Street Runs Grand Prix is organized and for 5 years, “Pomagam Aktywnie” Association has organized Charity Sports Picnic in Nowy Folwark.
  • For two years, the Club “Miłosław Biega” (“Miłosław Runs”) has offered the possibility for taking part in the “Boar’s Run” on the obstacle course. The event is highly popular, even though competition is fierce.
  • Another spring event called “Września Runs” has been organized for 8 years and it always attracts hundreds of amateurs of outdoor activities.
  • Numerous single charity or family running events take place annually.

Robert Klimczak

The chairman of the Runner’s Club “Kosynier Września”

The Runner’s Club “Kosynier Września” is the oldest runner’s club in Września County. It has organized “Scythe-bearers’ Run” for 5 years and the relay for “light to heaven” as a part of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for 7 years. Both events are highly prestigious among runners. Contact for those who would like to join the Club: [email protected]

Fot. Tomasz Małecki Active Nekla, Piotr Robakowski Active Nekla, Marzena Zbierska