In accordance with various forecasts, almost 60% of the world population will live in large urban agglomerations, while 80% in cities of more than 20 thousand inhabitants. Far from skyscrapers, shopping malls and busy streets, there must be space where one can rest. Undoubtedly, such place is Słupca.

Słupca is a city of more than 13 thousand inhabitants located in the central and eastern part of Greater Poland, in the Września Plain, on the right bank of the Meszna (a right tributary of the Warta River). From the north-east side, it adjoins Słupeckie Lake and in this area, many attractive natural and tourist places can be found. Słupca is located between the Powidz and the Warta Landscape Parks. Good communication is the asset of the city, since Słupca is located near both an the E20 international route and the A2 motorway between Poznań and Warsaw as well as the E20 railway line linking Berlin to Moscow.

Sport and recreation

Attractions offered by Słupca are not only of a natural character, but they include also sport infrastructure: the stadium, the football field, tennis courts, the shooting range, outdoor gyms, the skatepark and gym halls.

– Spending time in front of a computer or TV, or with a mobile phone or smartphone in one’s hand is not an entirely good idea. The lack of movement causes sleepiness, problems with concentration, bad mood… The virtual world can become an addiction that is difficult to overcome. Hence, it is worth being active today! Many forms of activity can be distinguished and I believe that there is something for everyone – says Michał Pyrzyk, the Mayor of Słupca. – As the Mayor and an inhabitant of Słupca, I encourage spending time in an active way because every form of activity has a positive impact on our health and is a great way to rest. One more advantage of spending free time outdoors can be mentioned, namely it is frequently connected with meeting family or friends and not only does integration make bonds between people stronger, but also it teaches cooperation. Thanks to it, we learn how to function within a group, but most importantly, we spend time with people whom we like and appreciate. What we should remember is that today we are working on the way in which our life in the future will look like. Thus, I encourage everyone to be active and I invite to sport and recreation facilities in our city.

The Swedish Mound on Słupeckie Lake

Not only does Słupca set priority on modern forms of entertainment, but also interesting facts from history. The Swedish Mound resembles an island, but it is only appearance. In fact, it is the ring of trees commemorating embankments of the settlement belonging to Lusatian culture that was located at the place of an artificial lake. The name of the Mound is connected with a legend about events from the times of the “Swedish Deluge” on the Polish territory. In accordance with it, the inhabitants of the settlement chased the Swedes away thanks to using a trickery. They attached torches to the cows’ horns as well as they hung chains and other iron objects on them. Consequently, in the darkness it produced a terrifying effect and deterred the invaders. The Mound can be seen today from the bank of the Lake or it is accessible by boat, whereas in winter, when the Lake freezes, one can go there on ice.