How to alleviate tress, tension, and improve the body’s immune system? The answer to all those questions is aromatherapy. In natural medicine it is used to improve one’s health and mental condition, but it has also been successfully used in cosmetics. What is the secret to its amazing power?

Aromatherapy is a method of therapy using natural essential oils administered into the body through the airways (by smelling, breathing in, inhalation) and through the skin (massage, bath or compress).
– It is based on the application of medicinal and therapeutic properties of plants incorporating their corresponding essential oils – clarifies Marcin Ziółek, SPA Manager at the Barczyzna Medical SPA Hotel. – it is important for the oils to be of the highest quality, completely natural, without synthetic additives, in order to ensure their maximum beneficial effects.
What does this involve? All oils have a certain degree of antibacterial, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and even anti-viral effects. In essence, the use of aromatherapy oils stimulates the body’s immune system, increases resistance to infections, improves circulation and alleviates pain.
– An important area of application for essential oils is affecting the human psyche. Aromatherapy is excellent at reducing fatigue, nervousness and stress, alleviates the effects of being overworked and improves concentration and a positive attitude to life – emphasizes Marcin Ziółek.
Essential oils have particular applications in cosmetics as well as skin and hair care. They stimulate cellular metabolism and improve skin structure. Their rejuvenating effects involve increasing the rate of regenerative processes.
How does it work?
– Thanks to the use of essential oils it is possible to reduce the time needed to replac old cells with new ones, through which the skin gains a youthful appearance – a specialist from the Barczyzna Medical SPA Hotel explains.
Essential oils improve blood supply to the skin and make it more flexible and vibrant. They also restore the skin’s balance by regulating the exudation of fatty substances.
How to take advantage of the benefits of aromatherapy?
– I particularly recommend the “Amazing aromatherapy experience” treatment, performed at the Barczyzna Medical SPA Hotel – answers Marcin Ziółek. – It is an exceptional ritual, which releases tension from all parts of the body, leaving you with a sensation of deep relaxation. Carefully applied pressure stimulates the nervous system, classical massage techniques alleviate muscle tension, while lymphatic drainage improves circulation. Stress and tension become a distant memory.