The measurements taken perfectly, the top quality fabrics and a masterful tailoring is Scabal’s idea for an ideal suit. Jan Spilliaert, a representative of the brand in Poland, highlights also one more thing: buying a suit is possible anywhere: at a company, in the hotel, with a cup of coffee. Without stress and losing time for a visit in the store

Fabrics and suits offered by Scabal are chosen by the most demanding clients from all over the world. Scabal dresses entrepreneurs, politicians, athletes, musicians, and actors. The Belgian brand is appreciated also in Poland, and a representative of the company on the Polish market is Jan Spilliaert. Scabal offers almost 5000 patterns of fabrics that are produced in Huddersfield in the UK. Suits are sewed by tailors in Germany, and the entire process, from taking the measurement and placing an order to delivering the finished suit takes 3-4 weeks.

Not only suits
– Spilliaert company is headquartered in Obłaczkowo near Września, but its operations go beyond the local market – says Jan Spilliaert. – I visit clients in the whole country and the fact that Września is located in central Poland is very practical because it allows travelling to every place in the country.
Jan Spilliaert began his activity on the Polish market with selling tailored suits of the Belgian brand, but he quickly completed the range of his offer with ceremonial attire (tuxedos, tailcoats), shirts and shoes produced by Ambiorix company. Shoes are ordered not only by men – they are also produced for women on the basis of the male models. The smallest possible size is 35, whereas the largest is 52.5. Recently John Spilliaert’s company has extended its offer for jeans and chino pants for men made by Borélio as well as coats and jackets. Everything is tailored.
– A client can always choose from a wide variety of fabrics, designs and colors. Scabal fabrics are the guarantee of the highest quality among the world’s producers of fabrics. The Belgian manufacturer offers pure wool, cashmere, silk, mohair, vicuna, alpaca, or camel. Twice a year Scabal presents approximately 15 new collections of fabrics and other manufacturers that I represent in Poland also provide a wide range of fabrics – ensures Jan Spilliaert.

Tailoring is an art
The key to getting a perfectly tailored suit is taking the measurement in the right way. It should be done in such a way that the suit can be tailored and sewed without fitting. Jan Spilliaert has learnt this art from the best. Today, he is an expert in this area with many years of experience.
– Sometimes clients have doubts whether the person who takes the measurement is a professional. When they see me, their doubts disappear. Already at the moment of greeting I can see that they start to trust me – admits Jan Spilliaert. – Why? It is because I am rather a big men and my posture does not match the sizes of standard clothes. Personally, I had a problem with customizing suits in the store and now I know how to solve this problem.
A tailored suit is an option for every man because everyone has a different posture. Although there is a group of men who manage to match a typical suit available in the store, anyone who has worn a tailored suit and got to know the difference even once, will no longer want the former – emphasises John Spilliaert.
In the case of men with an unusual posture, a tailored suit or shirt constitute the only solution to make one feel and look really good. Not only does it apply to men who are overweight and have, for example, a bigger abdomen. Customizing a suit for a very tall and slender man also constitutes a real challenge. The same is applicable to people who work out at the gym and have broad shoulders, but narrow waist.
– My clients don’t often know what cut, fabric, or color will be the most suitable for them, and what type of outfit they should choose in the given circumstances. In such cases, I am free to give them advice in accordance with own knowledge and experience. Thousands of suits for the clients whose measurement I have taken have already been made at Scabal’s tailor workshop. Many of them place the next orders and recommend me to others, and it is the best proof of their satisfaction – adds Jan Spilliaert.

Shopping comfortable for the client
Not only does a tailored suit mean a perfect customizing to one’s body and a wide range of styles and fabrics. It is also a convenient shopping experience, which is important for professionally active people. – I meet with my clients at places and at times that are convenient for them: in their offices, after work, on the weekends, in the evenings – enlists Jan Spilliaert. – Regular clients place orders by phone or e-mail. They are often very busy and find only little time for me between meetings. It is not a problem for me – I bring the patterns of fabrics, we choose the color, style, accessories. It does not take more than 15-20 min. Sometimes a man takes into consideration his wife’s opinion, so then we meet in a larger circle at the client’s home or the headquarters of Spilliaert.

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